Porter Warehousing & Distribution       Technology that works

        Our sophisticated Warehouse Management System knows where everything is. We locate every product in our warehouses, and we actively use the system to execute order processing. Product date codes, expiry codes, serial numbers, or just regular FIFO are no problem, our systems manage your inventory any way you need.

Our reporting systems include on-line web access for customers to check their own inventory and generate their own status reports. In-process order status can be verified, and billings reviewed online.


Larger customers use EDI to connect directly to our WMS system, for automating order entry, confirming receipts or shipments, or providing ASN's to their end-user wholesale or retail customers.

Full recall records management is automatically included for all food/beverage clients, and anyone else that needs the information for safety or audit purposes.


PWD's experienced customer service teams are directly involved with client proprietary systems and programs interfaces, and can work with all types of companies and systems. We also prepare, pick and ship orders on the customers own proprietary form; acting invisibly to the end-user customers.

PWD technology seamlessly integrates our operations and yours.